Attendee Management

An essential aspect of any event is its attendees. “EVENTS PRO GROUP” goal is to ensure that all your attendees are properly catered for throughout your event. We take this very seriously because we know that your attendees are at the heart of your event, and their happiness is ultimately what will determine whether your event has been a success or not.

Our attendee management service covers everything from sending out the initial invites, to the event itself, and ends with a post-event thank you message for each attendee. Each attendee type, whether they are the speaker, or a VIP, or any other sort, will be properly taken care of and managed in a manner which best suits their individual needs. We also ensure the convenience of your attendees by making it very straightforward and easy for them to book attendance and accommodation, pay fees, contact us for event information, and so much more.

Full Delegate Management

With our sophisticated web-based event management solution we take care of every aspect of your attendees’ experience from the initial invite through to the thank you message post-event.

Our team will follow your branding to create a registration site that is a continuation of your website for a seamless transition. This will act as the central hub for all your event information and data. Each distinct attendee type, be that delegate, speaker, VIP or guest, is managed according to their needs and we can retrieve any information you require.

What factors do we include to make your attendees experience unique?

  • We deliver – bespoke digital invitations will be sent out as well as personalized and tailored event communications before, during and after the event.
  • We take away the fuss – delegates can book to attend, pay any fees, select accommodation and business travel in minimal, easy steps.
  • We hold their hand – delegates can speak to our event management team during all office hours via a dedicated hotline and event email address should they have any questions or require further assistance.

“EVENTS PRO GROUP” attendee management takes care of the detail, ensuring that every eventuality is covered leaving you free to concentrate on the bigger picture. One of the most important aspects of hosting an event is the attendee management. The event experience begins the moment invitations are sent out. This means your attendees’ perception of the event is formed before they even arrive at check-in. It is essential to create a good first impression immediately, which is why at “EVENTS PRO GROUP”, we offer the most brand-focused invitation and registration experience for your guests. Most events management software platforms provide limited opportunities for branding and customization. But “EVENTS PRO GROUP”, is not like most event management software platforms.

               Setting the pace for events attendee management

At “EVENTS PRO GROUP” we are a full-service event planning company that provides management services for business events. For over a decade, we have supported our clients from both private and public sectors across various industries, Our strategy is simple we streamline your event processes to make it an overall success. Our work is complete when your attendees are satisfied. “EVENTS PRO GROUP” aims to make everything flow smoothly, from the initiation to completion.