Award Ceremony Event Management

It’s such a prestigious recognition to be nominated for an award and we understand how important it is to make the evening one to remember for years to come.

Our team will organize and manage every aspect of the awards process for you from selling award sponsorship and management of nominations to the judging day and providing the prizes. We will be your perfect partner to make your awards ceremony a memorable occasion for everyone involved. We have worked with many organization’s to coordinate current, long standing awards as well as launching new initiatives.

Are you searching for an Event Management company to create exceptional live award ceremonies for your brand?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions and are looking for an excellent company to organize a thrilling event that remains fresh in the memory of your honored guests, then look no further than


Your award ceremony should be superb, exceed expectation, celebrate heroes among your staff, and recognize talent. Whatever the reason for your event, EVENT PRO GROUP will make it a joyful celebration. We understand that your budget is not always unlimited, so we design customized plans that fit your needs and resonate with your clients.  We know how important these events are to nominees, judges and organizers alike and aim to create an award ceremony that inspires everyone to strive for such lofty heights. Our team of Creative organize and manage the ceremony from award sponsorship, hiring judges, managing nominations and picking worthy winners. We are your preferred partner to host an award ceremony that is memorable and inspirational for everyone involved.

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Fully-Serviced Corporate Dinners and Award Ceremonies

Recognizing individual achievements is always a pleasure for all involved. However, managing such elaborate events can be challenging for those who have no prior experience. Choosing independent judges of good character, finding an excellent catering service, hosting a red carpet, hiring the right specialists for production and a plethora of intricate details required for a flawless event, are some of the decisions an Event Planner has to make. The winners in each category will be top secret and guarding the details is the main ingredient to garner the respect of all involved. The duration of the ceremony from red carpet, main event, and award acceptance speech, has to be monitored to ensure it is managed seamlessly.

The teams involved with Logistics and Production must be aware of the winners seating arrangements, only on a need-to-know basis. Other problems award ceremony organizers face include less money from sponsors, reduced budget, security at the ceremony, finding Event Management companies with the latest technology and skilled professionals to handle tech equipment. When you choose “EVENTS PRO GROUP”, you get an awards ceremony managed to the highest industry standard and an in-house Production/Design team that optimizes presentation and staging. We provide options to help you manage your budget and create amazing content that doesn’t affect the quality of the event. Our network of outsourcing partners include private security firms, AV tech companies and skilled staff to ensure you have a hitch-free event.

Hosting a Classic Award Ceremony

The budget is critical from the onset, so consider what you can afford against the funds you have to host the ceremony. Will it be wise to sell tickets to make a bit of profit? Is sponsorship going to cover the cost? Is it going to be funded internally? The model you decide to use depends on the amount you have to spend. Primary costs to consider include venue, stage design, décor, cost of promotion, VIPs and entertainment. “EVENTS PRO GROUP” offers experienced staff who can help you create a budget based on the core aspects you need to consider.

A critical decision to consider is the theme for the ceremony. It sets the mood and is what attendees will remember about the ceremony “EVENTS PRO GROUP” can help you pick a theme based on the overall objective the company is trying to promote. We consider the client, event sponsorship, and attendees to create a theme that is amenable to the client and resonates well with all involved.

The production of an award ceremony is where the Event Management team really shines. The ideal event should have a sense of theatre to make it extra-special for organizers and attendees. “EVENTS PRO GROUP” provides solution for set design, lighting, AV, audio optimization and other tools for event production. Our brilliant AV technicians combine lighting and music to set the right ambience for a mesmerizing atmosphere. Every great award show features keynote speakers, entertaining hosts, judges and award presenters. “EVENTS PRO GROUP” delivers a host who is comfortable with huge crowds, makes people laugh, connects with the audience on a personal level and carries the event with charm and charisma. We also provide a team of respectable judges who are authorities in your niche to determine award winners.

No one wants to watch an award show on an empty stomach. That makes for a grumpy audience, which doesn’t bode well for your event! “EVENTS PRO GROUP” has a network of caterers and food vendors with a reputation for cooking an assortment of great tasting meals.

What Services Can We Provide

What Services Can We Provide?

  • Event Management
  • Staging
  • Content Management
  • Entertainment
  • Videography and Photography
  • Set design, Visualization and Build
  • Awards Management
  • Awards video and animation
  • Special effects, lighting, video and sound
  • Budget control
  • Keynote speakers and live entertainment host
  • Program and Rehearsal Management
  • Catering services
  • Award supplier sourcing

To make your budget do all the work, “EVENTS PRO GROUP” can help you combine a gala dinner with an award show and themed entertainment. We source the best locations for your event, find the best celebrity host and award presenters to create a buzz for your event. Our team of Artistic Designers will transform the venue into a themed background that will leave attendees in awe. We offer a stunning atmosphere, using a mixture of sound, audiovisuals and event lighting for your guests to set the mood of anticipation as each award category is announced.