Corporate Training & Keynotes

A seminar may have several purposes or just one purpose. For instance, a seminar may be for the purpose of education, such as a lecture, where the participants engage in the discussion of an academic subject for the aim of gaining a better insight into the subject.

The best thing is, you don’t have to do any of the organization as we’ll take care of everything

Events Pro Group has provided consulting, research, keynote and training services to clients across the INDIA.  We have on our panel an award-winning university professor, business consultant, keynote speaker and trainer for more than two decades.  He leads our team of experts in helping companies, professional associations, and non-profit organizations conduct cutting-edge customer satisfaction and employee engagement research, engage in efficient, effective strategic planning, serve their clients better, cope with change, and aggressively explore new opportunities for growth!  A speaker of tremendous energy, Our Team also possesses the credibility of long-standing academic and professional experience on a global level.  Our Teams charismatic style, knowledge, and professionalism have inspired and trained audiences at seminars, conventions, and conferences everywhere!  Our depth of expertise and breadth of experience are second to none, we’re available to help you anytime at all (including holidays and weekends), and we offer rates that are competitive and never go over budget.   we can make your event more successful and your organization more competitive


  • Customer Satisfaction and Voice of the Customer Research
  • Employee Engagement Research 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Plans
  • Motivational Lecture
  • stress management
  • Team building activates
  • Internal communication
  • Brand Assessment 
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Employee Recruitment and Retention
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Executive Coaching and Group Facilitation
  • New Ideas, New Opportunities
  • Change Management
Dr. Wei Cui is explaining how AI technology-based personalized learning will promote the development of professional skill training


Whether you’re looking for dynamic keynote speakers to wow you colleagues or clients at a large conference or corporate meeting, one or more seasoned trainers who can teach, inspire, and motivate your staff, or an insightful executive coach with long-standing experience in mentoring professionals, Events Pro Group can make it all happen!  Successful leaders strive for continuous improvement—not just for themselves, but also for their team, in order to sharpen skills, build bench-strength, and create transformative change!

Events Pro Group aims to train individuals and teams to approach ordinary issues from extraordinary angles, giving them skills on how to take on challenges and generate new ideas.  Our topics leave theory in the dust; they are managerially relevant, results-oriented, and rely on real-world examples and applications that your team can use right away to serve your customers better.  They’ve been tested under fire, presented to audiences in the India and they work!

Best of all, they can be adapted to your organization or event in a way that’s directly relevant to your specific needs, tailored to top management or more diverse audiences, and delivered as interactive training sessions, workshops, or keynote presentations!  To learn more about how we can help your company with a customized keynote or training program, please contact Events Pro Group today at 7887887870.