Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Everyone will hear all about it.We are experts in event marketing. With a full range of event communications at our fingertips, including multimedia and print collateral, e-shots, signage, social media and management. We create tailored marketing campaigns, designed specifically for your event.  We’ll offer a full copy writing, design and production service and will then analyses the results from the campaign so we can see the ROI to improve our campaign and increase your profit. We have substantial databases covering a number of sectors and are experienced in the sourcing and management of new list data. One of our unique strengths is our in-house sales team that are highly experienced in selling delegate places, exhibition space and sponsorship. Telesales activity goes hand in hand to complement all marketing activity.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns2

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Are you looking for a company that can create the best integrated marketing campaigns to boost sales of your products? Do you wish to switch from your advertising agency to a world class management outfit which can help increase your brand’s presence both online and within your location? No need to worry anymore, because “EVENTS PRO GROUP” is here to help you attain all your goals. we are known for our exceptional client support and bespoke service delivery, which is why all our clients stick with us, and new ones keep contacting us daily. If you wish to reach a wider audience through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others, we will help push your brand beyond its set limits. We also carry out traditional marketing strategies to help advertise your products or services everywhere you can think of. So, hang on tight as we take you through a list of what we have to offer.

How We Promote Your Brand

How to promote and where to advertise products and services is one of the greatest challenges for most business owners. Web-based advertising, email marketing, and the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have all complemented traditional marketing strategies like billboards, magazines, posters, newspapers, and direct marketing.

At Events Pro Group, we go the extra mile to incorporate both methods into widening your horizons within and beyond your niche, while boosting sales, both online and at your outlet. Furthermore, we also provide mobile marketing techniques to make sure your audience stay updated on the latest information from your brand. We integrate all marketing techniques to help reach your target customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s necessary to identify what interests your potential customers, how they react to it, and what they need to help them handle any situation better. With such an understanding of them, we help you by creating and designing the perfect messages to cater to their demands. We also make use of different channels to help you communicate with your audience. These days, consumers want to know that they are talking to a fellow human (not a bot), so we make every campaign interactive, ensuring your customers will feel more comfortable when telling you what they love about your products, and how you should improve your service.


Clear Content

Advertising also means that you need to have a consistent aesthetic. What your customers see has to go beyond just a theme or a logo. You also need to perfect the look, feel, graphic design, photo style, and all other infographics, using the best fonts and colors. Superb overall branding will speak more words to the existing and potential consumer than the text itself. You must create ideal content, which suits different individuals and can be adapted to different advertising channels, in order to keep engaging the audience so they will remember your brand and continually return to you. But it’s not possible for you to do everything by yourself, even if you have the skills to fulfil the roles of manager, designer, supervisor, promoter, and accountant.

“EVENTS PRO GROUP” is here to provide all the much-needed content and branding to make your customers feel secure with any business transaction. Why be a jack of all trades when we have several experts who are masters of all the aspects involved in an integrated marketing campaign? In creating the content for these marketing platforms, we avoid the use of unnecessary jargon, while incorporating more compelling call-to-action phrases that will guarantee success in your business.

We can also manage your social media profiles and get everyone talking about your products and services in little to no time. From the vision and mission statement of your business, we can come up with the right keywords, which will not only be easy to relate to, but will also provide the answers to the queries of your customers.

However, if your business is still based on more traditional methods, you aren’t left out. There are many ways in which customers can still locate you and patronise what you are offering. At EVENTS PRO GROUP, we help design attractive signage that will keep consumers knocking on your door every day. With the use of neutral, lasting colors and bold fonts, we advertise your brand and ensure that you still stand out from the crowd of competitors in your business’ niche.

We at Events Pro Group put in all our efforts to promote our clients’ brands, while their sales sky-rocket in a matter of days. We have some of the best digital marketing specialists, who take advantage of modern methodologies to ensure that what your business tomorrow will be better than your business today. We successfully integrate multiple channels, data inter-operation, performance tracking tools, and other planning techniques to make sure the marketing campaign prospers.

Amazingly, you can also find out how your audience feel about a particular product or service with the use of our live campaign strategies, in an environment that is conducive for both you and your consumer. As well as keeping your existing customers returning, we also want to help convert new consumers to your brand, which is another good reason for us to develop strong content for all integrated marketing campaign. These days, the power of the consumer has exponentially increased, and listening to and understanding their interests has become crucial in all segments of marketing. A lot of companies have tried their best to be credible and transparent while solving the problems their customers encounter, but sometimes it takes an expert touch. We understand the importance of having a great strategy to reach out to your audience effectively. That’s why we assist you by integrating your customer support services with all the marketing channels. This will yield positive results in discussion fora and on review platforms. Finally, the consumers of today generally want different products and services, in a variety of forms. You have to be dynamic if you want to keep up with the needs of your customers and provide the solutions they seek. With the help of Events Pro Group management, you won’t have to spend hours on your marketing strategies, because everything which you need to build your brand will be made readily available. Contact us today and let us help you make the difference.